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  • Multi-Destine - Mix Tour

    Top rated tourist attractions in Cuba

    This tour begin in: Habana

    Cuba is perhaps the most fascinating island in the Caribbean -- if you can get there. It's a contradictory destination where stunning beaches and luxurious tourist-only resorts mask the true conditions under which most Cubans live. If you go, take time not only to savor this country’s extraordinary beauty, but to talk to the people, listen to their music, and explore their cities and towns — this is the essence of traveling to Cuba.

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  • Multi-Destine - Colonial Tour

    5 must-visit colonial towns in Cuba

    This tour begin in: Cienfuegos

    The colonial towns in Cuba are one of the biggest reasons why we decided to visit the country in the first place and proof that there’s more to this Caribbean island other than old cars, cigars and inviting white-sand beaches. These colonial towns are a great motivation to get out of Havana and the resorts of Varadero. Let us introduce the five must-visit colonial towns in Cuba: Camagüey, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, Sancti Spíritus, and Cienfuegos. Most of these colonial towns go back to early 16th century when the Spanish colonized the island, which means they are around 500 years old and carry a lot of history. The only exception is the slightly younger Cienfuegos, from the 19th century. These colonial towns include well-preserved historical centers and to attest their importance, 4 are included on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list.