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Terms And Conditions

    Terms and Conditions

    This website, which we will call you from now on (the Agency) is a website designed to facilitate the reservation of houses and apartments duly authorized by the Cuban government to carry out this activity (Private Houses) by visitors seeking temporary accommodation for their holidays in Cuba, that from now on we will call you (Customers).

    Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use

    The use of the services offered in this web supposes the previous acceptance of the Client to the Terms and Conditions of Use listed below. If the Client advances in the visit to our site, it will be understood that he has given his consent to these Terms and Conditions.

    This website reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions of Use, which will be duly published and will be effective as of the same time of publication. Therefore, the Customer is responsible for carefully reading our Terms and Conditions periodically.

    Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use

    The Client is aware and accepts that this website is only a platform for reserving houses and apartments legally authorized for rent by the competent authorities in Cuba (Private Houses). This website acts as a link between Customers and Private Houses but in no way will be a contracting party.

    This website does not own or manage any rental property and has not signed a contract, nor is it within its reach, with any of the Private Houses listed on our website. Therefore, it is not responsible for cancellations in the pre-reservations or reservations, which are solely attributable to the owners of said Private Houses.

    Our team will make every effort to ensure that the owner of the reserved Private House complies with the agreed upon agreement. However, in the very unlikely event of a booking cancellation managed by us, every effort will be made to find alternative accommodation of similar quality, location and price.

    We do not charge anything, our services are totally free for you. The owner, exceptionally, can ask for an advance to secure the reservation.

    The owners of the Private Houses listed on our website and those that, although not listed, are used as alternative offers recognize that we are not responsible for the damage or damage caused by the cancellation of a reservation, the non-presentation of a Client the day scheduled for your arrival. In addition, they accept that the Agency has no responsibility for possible material and / or moral damages caused by customers or their visitors in the house. The owners of the Private Homes that collaborate with the Agency understand and accept that the agency has no responsibility for the behavior of these clients.


    The Agency is based in the province of Matanzas. It is the practice of the agency to try to visit all the new rental houses that are promoted through the website and that meet the quality standards accepted for publication on the website or for use as alternative offers (not all houses with which the agency operates are listed on the web as this would make the content of the site too large). In the case of the houses of the interior of the country, with some frequency, it is a question of traveling to the provinces to know directly the houses with which one works. However, for obvious reasons, it is impossible to visit all the provinces. Therefore, on many occasions, you must rely on the images and information that is received via email by the owners who want to publish or promote their properties.

    The owners of the Private Houses who contact us via email and send pictures and information of their rental houses are entirely responsible for the truthfulness and clarity of the information provided.

    The Agency can not be responsible for any inaccuracy in the information or in the images that are received via email by the owners who wish to publish or promote their properties. In addition, it is not possible to be responsible for changes in the conditions in the Private Houses listed on the website, or used as alternative offers to the houses listed on the site, that have been visited and whose changes have been made subsequent to the visit of the member of our team and who have not been duly informed to the agency.

    Therefore, we can not be responsible that 100% of the information listed on the site is free of errors or inaccuracies. Therefore, the Client accessing our website must be aware and accept that such inaccuracies may exist on the site and that the agency is not responsible for it, even if it does everything possible to avoid this and eliminates the offers of the Houses Individuals who are discovered missing or making up the truth.

    Disclaimer of liability

    Our website, its manager, employees or authorized affiliates will be responsible for losses or damages arising out of or related to the use by customers and owners of private homes listed on our website and those that, although not listed, are used as offers alternatives, information and services offered through this website, including, but not limited to loss of income, opportunity for income, loss or damage sustained by third parties or their property or any other indirect or consequential loss, even if the Agency would have been notified of the possibility of such loss or damage or if it could reasonably have been foreseen.

    As a result, the Client accessing the services offered by the Agency and the Home Owners listed on the website and those that, although not listed, are used as alternative offers, accept and undertake not to blame or attempt to sue the Agency, its manager, employees or authorized affiliates.